Uro Fro for healthy Kidneys!Most effective in Urinary Calculi Disorders, Recurrent Urinary Calculi Burning Micturition, UTI Pain in Kidney.

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URO FRO supports the entire genitourinary tract.

Ayurvedic methods which help to cleanse away years of accumulated waste products, toxins and residues in order to restore balance to the kidneys, urethra, ureters and bladder.

Besides cleansing the urinary system, it nourishes the body’s tissues, to promote natural immunity in a  more natural way.

URO FRO mainly helps:

  • Dissolves or Disintegrate Ureteric Stones
  • Exerts powerful Flushing action
  • Relieves Spasm of Urinary Tract
  • Prevents kidney & Ureter from further damage due to the formation of stones
  • Relieves associated Pain, Spasm & Colic.


  • Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris)  100 mg
  • Kokilaksha (Asteracanthan Longifolia) 75 mg
  • Pashanabheda (Bergenia Ligulata) 75mg
  • Pattura (Aerva Lanata) 100 mg
  • Punamava (Boerhaavia Diffusa) 50 mg
  • Kulattha (Vigna Unquiculata) 50 mg
  • Ervaru (Cucumis Melo) 50 mg

10 ml twice a day after food.

200ml bottles.